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SpeEDI Accord is a cloud application aimed at Customs / Freight Brokers, Importers, Exporters and others. Facilities are provided to track orders from the time of order placement right through to delivery.

The software connects to border agencies through Trade Single Window (TSW) via EDI messaging and provides many advanced features for obtaining clearance for imported or exported goods.

Data and documents can be shared with overseas offices and your other freight partners. This improves accuracy and avoids replication of data.

SpeEDI Accord runs in your web browser, so it is quick and hassle-free to get started. There are no up-front costs and there is a free trial period to get you started.

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SpeEDI Cargo is an application for cargo reporting ​and border clearance targeted towards Shipping Lines and their Agents, Air Freight Couriers, Moving Companies, Independent Customs Bondstore operators and others.

The software connects with Customs and Quarantine border agencies through Trade Single Window (TSW) via EDI messaging.

File integration and copy and paste facilities are provided to reduce double entry and minimise errors to help ensure that your cargo is reported in a timely manner.

SpeEDI Cargo is a cloud application that runs in your web browser, so it is easy to get started and there are minimal up-front costs.

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